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What kind of restaurant experience would you like to see that is currently unavailable in your community?

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  1. Mike Nova - 12 months ago  

    We would love to see full service restaurants open past 9:00 pm on the weekends. Take a look at Speakeasy on a Friday night at 11:00 p.m. I think there is a great opportunity to serve late night bites. Great to have you guys coming to town!

    • The Patio Group - 11 months ago  

      Mike, thanks for sharing with us. We are tremendously excited to be a part of the Petaluma community. We will plan to be open late with great food available. Looking forward to seeing you!

  2. Gloria Seymour - 12 months ago  

    I get really excited when gluten free options are available so I don’t resort to eating a just salad, protein/veggie plate or gluten free pizza. It gets boring. I cannot tell you when I last had french fries. I work across the street and looking forward for The Patio to open.

    • The Patio Group - 11 months ago  

      Gloria, a pleasure to connect with you. You really are a true neighbor! We pride ourselves on great service and great food – including dynamic gluten free options. Excited to share with you. Thanks for your comment, we appreciate it.

  3. Drina Boban - 11 months ago  

    More late night, weekend options would be great. As another respondent said, staying open on weekends past 9-10pm would be great! And, as much as I love sports….Petaluma does NOT need another bar/restaurant with a TV. I’d love to see a venue open in Petaluma where my friends and I can have great food and drinks without a TV in the background.

    • The Patio Group - 11 months ago  

      Drina, thanks so much for your feedback. We will certainly be open late for you and your friends to enjoy a wonderful evening together.

  4. Jen - 11 months ago  

    Outdoor breakfast/brunch. Family friendly, but still hip/fun. Local music. Community outreach & support.

    • The Patio Group - 11 months ago  

      Jen, great to hear from you. As our namesake eludes, we are all about amazing outdoor experiences! We are family and dog friendly. We are excited to have you in for brunch on the patio! Thanks for sharing with us, we really appreciate it.

  5. Kat savano - 11 months ago  

    Agreed, somewhere to go after 9:00 for decent bites!!

    • The Patio Group - 11 months ago  

      Kat, we will have you covered with great food after 9:00. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Dan - 11 months ago  

    I would like to see a restaurant with a full bar that serves small plates or appetizers. The kind of place where you can have a few bites and some cocktails for a casual business meeting with a client.

    • The Patio Group - 11 months ago  

      Dan, thanks for your message. We will have a full bar and an amazing selection of delicious small plates to enjoy for a business meeting or just to connect with your favorite bartender. Can’t wait to meet you.

  7. Tiffany Harbin - 11 months ago  

    If there is going to be a bar area, I’d love to see it set up as a nice intimate space for a date or a casual business meeting. The options in town are currently limited if one is looking for a nice, semi-upscale spot to meet for a good cocktail.

    • The Patio Group - 11 months ago  

      Tiffany, we are sure you will enjoy our cocktail program. We are very proud of the work our bartenders put in to expressing a craft they are truly passionate about. The Patio in Petaluma will have an exciting curated selection of great spirits and work to combine them with local ingredients (some from our garden), creating the perfect cocktail for you. Our bar will be comfortable, intimate and perfect for date night!

  8. Anna - 11 months ago  

    Someplace hip and fun, but classy that doesn’t forget the fine details! An amazing outdoor space is a must with all of the great weather we have. Couldn’t agree more with the prior comments about late night dining with a fun and social bar atmosphere to hang out at! Please serve delicious artisan cocktails too….

  9. The Patio Group - 11 months ago  

    Anna, thanks for your comments. We are excited to share our cocktail program with you and be there to show you our guest focused hospitality at late night, or anytime you join us.

  10. Ryan - 11 months ago  

    Depending on the size of the area, a korean bbq where you cook inside. But as theres not enough seafood options, i think a southern crab/shrimp/crawfish boil place. Boiling crab comes to mind. But without the tvs.

    • The Patio Group - 10 months ago  

      Ryan, thanks so much for connecting with us. We love seafood! Being so close to the coast provides access to amazing local and sustainable products for our chefs to work with. We are excited to have you in to share our seafood dishes with you. A special seafood boil event would be really tremendous! We will explore the idea. Thanks again.

  11. Ryan - 10 months ago  

    Longtime Petaluma diner, but somewhat recent celiac disease sufferer. Would love it if your gluten free offerings could be legitimately gluten free and free of cross contamination (prep areas / fryers, etc). NorCal celiac community foundation has great resources if your not already familiar, including onsite training.

  12. Annamaria - 8 months ago  

    I echo the open past 9pm — even if you stay open until 9:30pm on weekdays, you would greatly increase our options and your business. For weekends, you could do a smaller late-night menu if you don’t want to keep the full kitchen going, also late-night nosh usually only requires smaller plates. Maybe offer a happy hour that isn’t at the same time as everyone else’s. On the slower nights early in the week, a good draw is like Brixx pizza where you can get a pizza and bottle of wine for $XX or a “no-corkage,” or “50% off select wine,” promotion. Sonoma County is “foodie,” but every group has a health nut like me in it, so a rotating vegan option, some gluten free choices and of course, local, non-GMO, etc., Most places in town have a vegan option, but it never changes or is something I could whip-up at home in under 20 minutes, so variety is key for repeat business. You are drawing from a mid-size town and to keep people coming back, you need a good line-up of favorites and seasonal menu surprises. There are popular local chefs who don’t have an in-town venue, like Faron’s BBQ, Pizza Politana, The Secret Kitchen, Gerard’s Paella, so you could host pop-up nights on the slower nights and let them generate the crowd. If restaurant size allows, you could do a cafe section with a cafe menu that would be family friendly. For the most part, we seem to have Boomers and young families and they don’t tend to eat in the same places because it is hard to cater to both beyond brunch. We have plenty of Italian, pizza, burgers and recently BBQ. As far as local purveyors, we have local beer, wine, Port, spirits, all forms of dairy, eggs, your chefs will love it here! I’m right down the street from you and looking forward to your opening!

    • The Patio Group - 7 months ago  

      Thanks for the feedback Annamaria.
      We will have an amazing seasonal menu, with lots of specials and options for vegans, vegetarians and those with dietary concerns. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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