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How can we help positively contribute to the Petaluma community?

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  1. Ross - 12 months ago  

    Specifically that location needs that parking garage cleaned up. It’s not kept up or monitored and most of the exits divert walking traffic away from the location. Being the garage is a bit of an eyesore, the view of the garage needs to be addressed. Giving people a reason to walk in that direction will be key to the success of the restaurant. Some kind of commissioned art piece along side of that garage would create a reason for certain people to walk the extra block up.

    • Kat savano - 11 months ago  

      Great ideas !! Also host community mixers and stay open later.

  2. The Patio Group - 11 months ago  

    Ross, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We are planning a beautiful garden space, not only to soften and brighten the area, but also as a beautiful reflection of our great state, consisting of all native California plant material. We will explore an expression of local art to bring even more life to the corridor.

  3. Tiffany Harbin - 11 months ago  

    It would be nice to see a percentage of profits go toward something in the community (the COTS organization, local schools etc.). Perhaps the organizations could rotate monthly. Something that shows that you are truly invested in the community’s vitality.

  4. The Patio Group - 11 months ago  

    Tiffany, an excellent suggestion. We pride ourselves on being deeply connected within the fabric of the community on many levels. Supporting local charities will be a big part of The Patio in Petaluma outreach, supporting initiatives that make a difference in peoples lives.

  5. Alan - 10 months ago  

    Inactive retail properties often become attractive nuisances, and this is what has happened to your restaurant location. The entire downtown retail experience is degraded. The wall of your patio is covered with graffiti and the patio itself is frequently used as a transient encampment. The community is subjected to an uncivil and unsafe environment for the duration of your planning and property development process. Perhaps you could have a more active presence on the property, and clean the area on a frequent basis. That would be a truly positive contribution to our community. The longer the property is neglected, the worse the problem gets. Thank you for your time and attention.

    • The Patio Group - 10 months ago  

      Thank you very sincerely for your comment relating to the current state of the building on Keller st. While we expect both the graffiti to be cleaned up and a construction fence put up around the patio area within days, we also now have a third party security group making stops by the building throughout the day. Our intent is to contribute to the safety, security and beauty of the community. Rest assured we will have this issue corrected expediently. Thanks again for your outreach, we very much appreciate it and look forward to meeting you in the future.

      • Alan - 9 months ago  

        The recent cleanup of your patio area is much appreciated. Thank you for being so responsive!

  6. Annamaria - 8 months ago  

    This community is fund-raiser central and it is a beautiful thing! Most of our social life is around fundraisers for kids, schools, housing. Our businesses and our citizens are extremely generous. My recommendation would be to pick one thing and make an impact as opposed to being a name on a list of 100 donors for every event. Idea: We all whinge about the price of an alcoholic beverage … I’d feel so much better ordering that second glass of wine if I knew .25 from every glass of wine I ordered went to an organization in the community. And, that .25 would add up fast and allow you to make a real difference. You could keep a tally for patrons to see and feel good about, have events around reaching milestones and allow people to donate even if they don’t have a drink.

    • The Patio Group - 7 months ago  

      Wow, those are some amazing suggestions. Thanks.
      We are deeply committed to making an impact in the community and there is no better way to do that, than in being generous in partnering with impactful local charity groups. We look forward to working together with our neighbors to make a difference locally.
      Thanks again!

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