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Are there any great local artisans, farmers and purveyors who you would like to see included as part of our restaurant’s offerings?

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  1. Ross - 12 months ago  

    There are plenty of local growers in and around Sonoma county that would be more than willing to supply the new spot! In particular Green String has a great operation in town. But there are plenty of others as well.

  2. The Patio Group - 11 months ago  

    Ross, thanks so much for taking the time to let us know about Green String. We are so excited to create with such amazing ingredients! Looking forward to seeing you at The Patio!

  3. Tiffany Harbin - 11 months ago  

    Della Fattoria bakes the BEST bread! Located 2 blocks away.

  4. The Patio Group - 11 months ago  

    Tiffany, you are so right! We have indulged and plan to do so often! Amazing bread and inspirational artisan at Della Fattoria. Thank you very much.

  5. Giselle Simonds - 11 months ago  

    If you care so much about being here why have let the tagging on the side of the building get worse and worse?

  6. The Patio Group - 10 months ago  

    Giselle, thank you so much for your comment. We are working on correcting the issue and looking into how we can help prevent it occurring again before the building is occupied.

  7. Ryan - 10 months ago  

    Green string veggies, Marin Sun meats, Tara Firma Meats, Liberty Duck, Bellweather cheeses, Pey-Marin wines…just to name a few.

  8. Nickola - 9 months ago  

    If you are looking for wonderful photography for the walls check out: Eric Tobias he also has work at InTransition Studio.

  9. Annamaria - 8 months ago  

    So many, too many to list. Get the Farm Trails map to start. And, they will come and help with events … the wine maker, the brewer, the cheese maker, the bread baker … it is fun to meet the purveyor.

    • The Patio Group - 7 months ago  

      We are so excited to continue meeting all the amazing local purveyors. There are so many amazing people, stories and products! Thanks.

  10. Lucia - 7 months ago  

    As long as you serve sustainable local meats and poultry I will be very happy! The thought of eating factory raised meats makes me ill! There are so many local, conscious perveyors in the area. You won’won’t have any trouble procuring fabulous ingredients! Just be creative! When we eat out we want quality and creativity. Can’t wait u til you open! When???!!!!

  11. The Patio Group - 7 months ago  


    We are working hard to get open and will have construction starting shortly. We will most certainly serve sustainably raised meats and seafood. We are deeply committed to bringing forward the best food products available. Can’t wait to meet you! Thanks.

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